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  • Non-fluctuating 1:1 Price

  • 100% Full Amount Trust for better security

  • Fees from 0.05%


Fair Fees with Premium Service

CryptoDT aims To provide efficient features and innovative technology for variety of trading
instruments which including release 1:1 exchange rate of the fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Ethereum-based Coins — TWDT-ETH

A standard ERC20 token that supports all public blockchain addresses. CryptoDT requires real-name registration system that allow us to provide a rigorous and safe trading platform.

Release Content

Digital Token TWDT-ETH
Price TWD (Taiwan Dollar) 1:1
Contract address 0x35a4e77ae040afc9743157911d39d1451cf2f05d
Contract Source Code Contract Source Code
Release Date 2018.07.20
Available to exchange TWDT-ETH with New Taiwan Dollar in CryptoDT, or trade with BTC, ETH in the following trading platforms:
CryptoDT-based Coins — TWDT-COIN

TWDT-COIN is an token based on CryptoDT that allows users to exchange in 1:1 rate with Taiwan Dollar and free gas fee in our platform.
More special features are coming and empower the future decentralized exchange.


Release Content

Price TWD (Taiwan Dollar) 1:1
Release Date Stay tuned!

100% Full Amount Trust

Equivalent to Trust Fund Deposit & Guarantee of Solvency

According to CryptoDT system, every penny of Coins equivalent to deposit in a trust account. We will release our trust account statement in public and review by professional in the future.

CryptoDT will consign users' deposits to a trust account when users exchange Coins.
When users withdraw Coins, CryptoDT will directly deduct service fee from the deposit then send the fund to user selected account.

Fee Structure

Fees from 0.05%

CryptoDT charges fixed fee from Coins deposit , and 0.05% ~ 1.2% service fee from Coins withdrawal. These fees are deducted directly from users' coins and will provide receipts from the cloud.

Ethereum-based Coins

Fee for deposit 100 TWD: including gas fee, payment flow fee and 0.001 ETH allowance for transfers.
Fee for withdrawal

Offers a differential pricing. 30 TWD minimum charge each time.

  • ≤ 30,000 Coins:1.2%
  • 30,001 ~ 100,000 Coins:1.0%
  • 100,001 ~ 500,000 Coins:0.8%
  • 500,001 ~ 2,500,000 Coins:0.6%
  • 2,500,001 ~ 10,000,000 Coins:0.4%
  • 10,000,001 ~ 30,000,000 Coins:0.2%
  • 30,000,001 ~ 50,000,000 Coins:0.1%
  • 50,000,001 ~ 100,000,000 Coins:0.08%
  • ≥ 100,000,001 Coins:0.05%

*Round off cents to the nearest whole dollar.

If user would like to withdraw 100,000 TWDT-ETH,
charge 1.2% of the first 1~30,000 Coins
plus 1.0% for the rest 30,001~100,000 Coins.

30,000 * 1.2% + 70,000 * 1.0% = 360 + 700 = 1,060

Withdrawal Coins

Service Fee(TWD) 0

High Security

Real-name registration protects transactions in secure.

With tamper-proof, anti-theft, privacy mechanism, highly follow KYC and AML regulations. Fully protect transaction security.

  • Money Laundering Control
    • CryptoDT-based Coins cumulative receiving value up to 500,000 TWD.
    • Get Ethereum-based Coins on our website.
    • Exchange Coins to fiat currency.

    All above are required to complete real-name registration.

  • Anit-Fraud
    • OTP.
    • Google Authenticator verification - Stay tuned.
    • Password confirmations when login and transaction.
  • Secure Data
    • All messages are transmitted via TLS 1.1 connection.
    • PCI DSS recognized qualified.
    • With mutiple encryptions, FIPS140-2 verified storage hardware.

CryptoDT Team

Profession + Invention = Innovation

In 2018, we established the CryptoDT team to apply blockchain technology in Taiwan which is vigorous promotion and encouragement of innovative financial technology development . According to different application scenarios, we are issuing different digital tokens on public and private blockchain that are 1:1 value to fiat money. In that way, we will lead Taiwan to the world.

親愛的 CryptoDT 用戶您好,本公司基於業務發展規劃,於2019/12/01 0點0分起,正式關閉台恆幣會員註冊與兌換(入)功能。兌換(出)功能服務至2019/12/31 18:00止。感謝您長久以來對CryptoDT的支持與愛護。