Exchange Coins

CryptoDT is a platform that you can exchange our new cryptocurrency to Taiwan Dollar in 1:1, and also can trade multiple types of digital assets via Wallet.

  • All Taiwan Dollar (TWD) deposit assets will be held and secured in the company's trust account with non-commercial purposes.
  • Users are responsible for the Ethereum (ETH) Gas fee incurred to trade TWDT-ETH in public blockchain.


It is an ERC20 token that supports all public blockchain addresses and available to exchange back to TWD (New Taiwan Dollar) with 100 TWD fee(including gas fee, administration fee and 0.001 ETH allowance).
The exchange digital assets will be deposited to users' Wallets that created by public blockchain.

Contract address:0x35a4e77ae040afc9743157911d39d1451cf2f05d


A new crytocurrency created by CryptoDT team that can exchange with New Taiwan Dollar in 1:1 to users' Wallets.
Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming features of TWDT-COIN!